Social Responsibility and Community Upliftment

We don’t believe in giving money to worthwhile causes as that only treats the symptom and not the underlying cause. By only treating the symptom, you will never solve the root cause of the problem and will therefore never solve it. Rather like emptying a leaking boat with buckets but refusing to plug the holes that are causing the leaks!

Conversely, we believe in trying to change the hearts and minds of people, one at a time, to get them to accept responsibility for their actions and to do something about it. After all, our lives are the sum total of all the decisions we make, of which there are thousands upon thousands in our daily lives. People in need are often in their situations because of decisions THEY have made. Each decision, no matter how small, contributes to our overall daily experience of living. And if we can alter those decisions for the better, one at a time, we can positively impact those in need and improve their lives which in turn creates a better society for all of us.

Ubuntu is a South African word meaning humanity or fellow feeling; kindness.

The essence of Ubuntu is “I am, because you are”

What are you doing to make your community a better place for all to live in?

There is an Arabic saying, "If you won't carry a torch and I won't carry a torch, where will we get the light from?"

We are all interconnected with each other and actions we take affect others indirectly, the world over.

If we all treat one another with kindness, we will create a kinder world. Conversely, if we are all aggressive with one another, we will create a more aggressive world.

By helping the Velocity Group, you are also helping to promote Ubuntu. Ubuntu is global, universal. The world is increasingly global and due to the advent of the Information Age, all its populations connect on a level never seen before. For example, an event occurs in China, is disseminated via a user with a mobile phone, which is then followed or seen by millions across the globe.

Business and making money propels the world forward, as business leaders endlessly pursue profits. The problem is, the profit model is endless. It never, ever ends, and is never satisfied as it always wants more. That means we will never be satisfied as long as we buy entirely into this pursuit all the time. We say pursue profits but not relentlessly just for the sake of it, but rather with the purpose of accruing enough combined with achieving the Ubuntu Spirit by only pursuing up to the point of a good return, and yet still promoting values that will make the world a better place not only for us, but for our children and their children. Don’t pursue profit for the sake of endless profit only, but rather for enough profit with a social conscience and a will to positively impact the world around us.

For us, greed is a mental disorder that keeps you in a perpetual state of discontentment and lack of inner peace. We would rather make money and ensure all around is happy with the way in which that money was made. Money without integrity isn’t worth having.

One of our definitions of success is leaving the world a better place than when we found it. Shouldn’t it be one of yours?

Here is a video of a 6 year old girl that has worked out that if we all act like monsters, there will be no “people” left in the world.

There is a story of a young girl that is walking along the beach picking up starfish stranded on the sand and then throwing them back into the sea. An older man walks up to her and says “What are you doing, you can’t possibly save all the starfish stranded on the beach?”

The young girl replies, “You are right, but what I am doing matters to that starfish, and to this starfish, and to the next one I am about to throw into the sea”. The point being that we can’t save everyone or everything that needs help on the planet, but we can all, collectively make a small difference that when our efforts are combined, become a major force that makes a massive difference for the better. We can all do it together, one act at a time, that collectively can change the world.

What’s more, we can collaborate to change the world for the better, one small action at a time. You can start right now. Give it a try! Help make the world a better place.


A Red Indian Apache grandfather told his grandson a story; “Life is a constant struggle between good and evil. Evil is represented by values such as greed, jealousy, envy, spite, laziness, taking what is not yours, nastiness, meanness, aggression and hostility. Good is represented by values such as kindness, caring, generosity, helping others, hard work, earning what you have by not stealing and nonviolence.”

The grandson asked, “Which one wins?”

The grandfather answered “The one you feed”.

Makes you think?

Character is the ability to carry out a resolution long after the excitement of the moment has passed

When a man stands at the edge of the abyss, he discovers his true character, and it is that character that prevents him from falling into the abyss

Some Life Philosophies that you may find useful:

Without implementing these philosophies, you cannot help others to make the world a better place, until you have sorted yourself out.
You cannot connect with others until you have learnt to connect with yourself.

The 13 Pillars

Our day to day lives are so busy that we often struggle to concentrate on and allocate time to the really important things that matter to us. Have you figured out what is important in your life?

Have you selected your journey and where it is that you want to go? Are you still on track or do you let yourself get derailed easily?

You cannot connect with others until you have learnt to connect with yourself.

10 Tips To Keep Your Journey On Track

Also see A powerful movement to help us all to listen to Nature.

As they say, we need Nature; Nature doesn’t need us.